Hercules Air S 4780771

Hercules Air S 4780771

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Large jog wheels for a better DJing experience

Size similar to jog wheels on DJ CD players:

5.9"/15 cm diameter at the base

5.1"/13 cm diameter on top

Mechanical pressure detection for intuitive scratching

Over 750 steps per rotation: precise position scanning Add fun to your mix with the AIR control

The contactless sensor lets you control the mix from above, without even touching the device, with 1 ft/30 cm of range

DJ CONTROL AIR+ converts the vertical distance to your hand into a MIDI command Velocity pads to express your creativity

4 velocity pads on each deck let you liven up your mixes

Instantly trigger sample playback or hot cues with one touch

The harder the pads are tapped, the louder the volume of the samples played Ergonomic design

Comfortable size: 17.7"/45 cm wide for plenty of space between controls while performing

Soft rubber cladding on rotary caps and transport buttons for easier handling: fingers won’t slip Versatile microphone input

High audio quality for balanced and unbalanced dynamic microphones

2 operating modes to integrate vocals into your mix:

Direct pass-through: speak over the music

Software processing: record your voice or add real-time effects to your voice Technical specifications: 2-deck DJ controller with audio

Great jog wheels for scratching

Pressure detection: as intuitive for scratching as turntables

Large diameter: 5.9"/15 cm

> 750 steps per rotation

Built-in audio


Master: 2 x RCA (line)

(ch. 1-2) 1 stereo ⅛" jack

Monitor: 1 stereo ¼" jack

(ch. 3-4) (headphones)

1 stereo ⅛" jack

Microphone: input 1 x ¼" (balanced)

AIR sensor

Long range sensor > 11.8"/30 cm

Vu-meter for AIR sensor Minimum configuration

Computer CPU: 1.6 GHz or faster Intel CoreTM 2 Duo or AMD 64-bit

2 GB of RAM or more

High-speed USB port (USB 2 or 3)

100 MB available disk space

CD/DVD-ROM drive

Internet access

Headphones + active speakers

Operating system (32/64-bit)

MS Windows® Vista/7/8 or

Mac OS® 10.7/10.8/10.9  Продукт известен още и като AirS4780771

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