ICON iKeyboard 6S

ICON iKeyboard 6S

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Keyboard, controller and recorder in one, designed for easy multi-tracking, DAW control and recording. It is designed for smaller spaces, thanks to its compact size. It includes 24-bit 96/192kHz 2-In/2-Out USB sound card, microphone input with individual gain control, 3-segment LED display, 18 customizable backlit buttons, transpose button, Full Transport function, illuminated buttons (Enable, Mute, Solo, Play, Stop, Rec, Rewind, Forward and Loop), 61 standard keys with touchpad slider for tone modulation, octave shift control, simultaneous record/playback, support for DirectSound, WDM and ASIO 2.0, iPad holder, automatic channel synchronization, Mackie control for Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic Pro and Abelton Live, Mackie HUI protocol for Pro Tools, drivers for Cubase, Nuendo, Reason and Bitwig and robust aluminum construction with a Kensington lock port. Connects with 2 x TRS inputs (expresion pedal and Sustain), 2 x TRS line outputs and inputs, XLR input and microphone input, MIDI I/O and USB input. Included is a iMap software for simple MIDI mapping functions. Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows (up to 8). Powered with 7V/1A DC adapter. Dimensions: 1029 x 189 x 63 mm. Weight: 4.85 kg. Продукт известен още и като iKeyboard 6 S, iKeyboard6S

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