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Full-featured ultra-portable 16-pad MIDI groove controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Mac and PC that allows you to you make beats, launch loops, mix like a DJ and a whole lot more no matter whether on stage, in the studio or anywhere between. It is incredibly portable so it can be taken anywhere – it is smaller than an iPad and less than 23mm thick. It features a slim, compact and lightweight design that can be slipped into any backpack or laptop bag and carried around with ease. And for even greater portability it has been designed with ultra low-consumption, which means it is fully functional as soon as it is connected into its host device. Just plug it in to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via the included Lightning cable or the Mac or PC via the included USB cable and start groovin’. The controller features a 4x4 grid of 16 velocity-sensitive, backlit multi-colour rubber pads. Each pad lights up in multiple colours – red, green, orange and every shade in between – depending on the velocity of the playing and the MIDI information sent by the chosen music app or software. Its full set of controls – two knobs, two pushbuttons, one slider and one pushbutton rotary encoder – provides a versatility that allows you to be in control in any situation. All controls are MIDI assignable and customizable: up to 16 distinct MIDI maps or scenes can be saved and recalled instantly for full control of apps and software. It comes with 6 pre-programmed default scenes that allow it to work with popular apps and software right out of the box. The controller also comes with an easy-to-use free editing program called iRig Pads Editor. Available for Mac and PC, it features an intuitive single-screen interface that allows for quick creating, editing and transferring scenes to the controller. Dimensions: 190 x 205 x 23 mm. Weight: 547 g. Продукт известен още и като iRigPads
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