Pioneer DDJ-RR

Pioneer DDJ-RR

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The DDJ-RR is the first update to Pioneer DJ's DDJ-SR two-channel controller, and it brings the model straight into 2016 by adding slightly larger jogs than its predecessor (126 mm compared to 120 mm on the original DDJ-SR) and the jogs now come with an illuminated centre status ring whose behaviour you can customise within Rekordbox DJ (Included). There are also a pair of XLR Master outputs now, in conjunction with a pair of RCA Master outs and a pair of 1/4 '' Booth outputs, adding even more output flexibility for mobile and Pro DJs. The Pioneer DDJ-RR digital DJ controller distills the key features of their popular DDJ-SX into a smaller bus-powered controller you'll enjoy gigging out with. Like its big brother, the DDJ-RR was designed for total integration with Serato DJ, providing you with intuitive hands-on control over every important software function. In addition to a full-fledged 2-channel mixer section and extensive EQ and effects controls, you get two sets of large rubber pads and two BIG JOG platters to manipulate tracks, samples, effects, cues, and more in real-time. And to top it off, there's a complete USB sound card onboard the Pioneer Pro DDJ-SR DJ controller. Everything you need to turn your laptop into a mobile DJ rig. Each deck control section includes 8 large rubber performance pads for triggering samples, firing off hot cues, and executing effects functions. Pad Plus function lets you trigger multiple effects with one button and automatically sync samples and hot cues to the beat. Beat Indictor provides you with a visual representation of the beat. 4-channel audio interface (sound card) provides high-quality audio in and out of your computer. Includes the latest version of Serato DJ software for Mac/PC. Compatible with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 and Mac OS 10.9 and higher. Dimensions: 553 x 334 x 65 mm. Weight: 3,7 kg. Продукт известен още и като DDJ RR, DDJRR

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